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Web12 Of The Best Jobs With A 2-Year Degree. Here are twelve of the best jobs you can get with an Associate’s degree: 1. Air Traffic Controller. Median National Salary: $,+. . May 25,  · 16 allied health degree jobs. If you want to pursue a career within the allied health field, you may consider one of the following options: 1. Sonographer. National average salary: $26, per year. Primary duties: A sonographer is a medical professional who performs ultrasound scans to help diagnose patients. Dec 30,  · Small-business management. - Mid-career median pay: $44, - Early career median pay: $37, A two-year degree in small-business management offers the basics of .

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Featured Online Associates Business Programs · Human Resource Managers · Management Analyst · Medical and Health Services Managers · Account Executive. WebThe most common jobs for people with this degree are paralegal and legal assistant. The average salary for those positions is $51, per year. You might also use your legal . The top careers requiring an associates degree according to www.midland-russia.ru · Air Traffic Controller · Radiation Therapist · Nuclear Technician · Radialogic & MRI. This fast-growing career allows you to work from home on your laptop earning $, per year. Maybe as a user, you are always finding bugs in apps, and now. Mar 02,  · 25 Best Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree. ] While you can get a certification in less than two years – and possibly within weeks – you'll probably want to take something fairly. Sep 13,  · What two-year degrees pay the most? Radiation therapists and dental hygienists both make above $75, a year. They are among the highest-paying associate degrees. Radiation therapists earn a median salary of about $83, and dental hygienists $77, Was this page helpful? Aug 01,  · 2. Industrial Engineering Technician. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industrial engineering tech makes an annual salary of $53, to $59, The industrial engineering certificate allows you to go into the industrial engineering field without having to obtain a four-year degree. Highest Paying Jobs ; Air Traffic Controller · $87, · Associate Degree from an AT-CTI Program ; Field Service Engineer, Medical Equipment · $70, · Associate. Many assistants later choose to tackle a 4-year dental hygiene degree, opening the doors up to even greater opportunities and salaries. 8. Neurodiagnostic Technologist (2 years or less) Neurodiagnostic technologists (NDTs) record and study electrical activity within the human brain and nervous system. Jul 9,  · Information security analyst (ranked No. 40 out of best jobs) Median salary: $95, Due to an uptick in data breaches at major corporations in recent years, demand for information. A two-year degree, often referred to as an associate degree, opens many doors for a job applicant. Earning a two-year degree can be a great transition into a four-year college program or provide an advantage when applying to an entry-level job. This is because companies prefer to hire those with at least some college training, according to the. Apr 07,  · Education: Postsecondary certificate or an associate degree Requirements: Certification in CPR, and a state license Extras: Certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Average Salary in $38, Projected Growth from 7% Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Feb 19,  · The high demand for engineers in this field makes electrical engineering one of the top 2-year degree jobs. These technicians comprise a third of all engineering technician jobs. For some, heading straight into the workforce after graduating high school is the best option. Others may need a bachelor’s degree from a university to achieve their career goals. But if the best fit for you is to spend two years acquiring an associates degree, there are still plenty of suitable jobs in the agriculture industry.

Top 10 Highest Paying Associates Degrees (2022)

Aug 27,  · A Master of Science in Counseling and Human Services can provide the right foundation for this career path, and therapists must have a license as well. The BLS estimates an average salary of $51,, and the demand for therapists is expected to grow by 22% from to Nurse Practitioners. Some employers accept two-year degrees from a community college if an applicant can demonstrate they have some of the desired experience. Sep 13,  · While some employers do prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree, you can often get started in this field with a two-year degree. Median Annual Salary: $50,; Projected Growth Rate 9% 10 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year College Degree. Top Jobs in the Banking Industry. The 7 Best White-Collar Jobs. Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs. WebA two-year degree combined with relevant certifications will allow you to stand out when applying for these positions. Projected job outlook (): 10 percent growth 2. . Sep 13,  · 8 High Paying Jobs that Require 2-Year Degrees Registered Nurses. Though nursing programs can vary in their time requirements, many of the two-year nursing . A police officer position is one of the top-paying jobs with an associate's degree in criminal justice. Police officers don't get paid a high salary when they. 1 HVAC mechanic — $47, · 2 Paralegal — $50, · 3 Mechanical drafter — $58, · 4 Industrial engineering technician — $55, · 5 Mechanical engineering. Jul 15,  · After looking through 83, general studies major resumes and millions of job listings, we were able to find which are most preferred jobs by general studies major graduates. 1. Human Resources Coordinator Starting Salary $32, Job openings 53, Top Locations: New York, NY ; Houston, TX ; Chicago, IL ; Job Description. WebHighest-paying jobs for a two-year degree. Here are 11 of the highest paying jobs that you can get after earning an associate degree: 1. Aerospace engineering technician. . A career as a Respiratory Therapist is one of the highest-paying associate degree jobs in the country. One of the primary responsibilities of respiratory. Computer and engineering; Education, legal, and office support; Healthcare support; Healthcare technical; Transportation and repair; Other. For each career. Surprising jobs with $K salaries--after only a two-year degree · 1. Executive pastry chef Talk about the sweet life. · 2. Master plumber · 3. Radiation. Web development is one of the most highly in-demand jobs these days, considering the unprecedented rise in computers and related technologies. Earning a degree. Annual salaries average around $72,, while some of the top-paying positions earn upwards of $, per year. Typically, fashion designers have professional.

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WebCase in point: For the previous academic year, tuition alone at a four-year in-state public school cost an average of $9, on an annual basis, while out-of-state tuition cost an . Career Services will help students with their resume and portfolio. They You don't have to go to a four-year university to earn an associate's degree. Apr 13,  · Here are examples of the types of Kinesiology jobs you can achieve with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology or a similar degree program: 1. Exercise physiologist. National average salary: $35, per year. Primary duties: An exercise physiologist can work in health care facilities or as self-employed individuals. In today's competitive workforce, a growing number of jobs require an advanced Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs, while bachelor's degree. May 08,  · Insurance fraud investigators make an average of $54, annually, ranking it as one of the highest paying jobs with an associate degree right now. Finding the Best Associate Degree Careers. A list of jobs you can get with an associate degree is too long to post here. One of the fastest ways to become a registered nurse (RN) is by pursuing an associate degree in nursing (ADN). This two year degree can prepare nurses for a. What jobs can you get with an associate degree in Criminal Justice? Not everyone knows how to take advantage of a second chance in life; that's why. 8. Foreign Languages. Earning a degree in a foreign language may enable you to work from home in several capacities. A 4-year degree in Spanish, French, Italian or other languages will improve your proficiency in reading, writing and speaking fluently. Feb 2,  · Physical Therapist Assistant ($46,). Many people who get two-year degrees opt to go into some area of medicine or health care. One top choice in terms of an annual salary is the two-year physical therapist assistant program. Computer Support Specialist ($46,). Computer techs have to have the most up-to-date information for fixing computers.
Best decision of my life. Tech jobs are in extremely high demand. A 2 year degree with a couple of certifications will get you some good money in a couple of years. It's pretty affordable -- $ per class -- and you can get an Associates 2 year degree for less than $20, It's online, flexible, and accessible to student loans too. A large portion of jobs in IT don't require a four-year degree or even a two-year degree, and many IT job listings prove this. If not having a degree has. WebIt is one of the highest paying jobs with a 2-year degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of the country’s dental hygienists work part-time and many . 2. Estate Agents. Average Salary – £21, Starting Salary – £16, Highest Salary – £49, What is involved: As an. If you have a job in the supply chain, you'll be overseeing products from start to finish. A career in the supply chain is incredibly fast paced and you'll have. Spent 3 1/2 years getting two degrees in music business (with straight As) and the best job in the field I could get is minimum wage. 40 hours a week, minimum wage, unpaid 30 minute lunches, and 5 paid vacation days a year. At least I get fully covered health insurance that I can’t use because I don’t get any time to go to the doctor. Petroleum engineers, actuaries, and technical writers all have something in common; if you do something that only a few, highly skilled people can do, you. In today's high-tech world, expertise in computers and related technology can earn a good wage. Two-year computer support specialist programs can support a.
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